The quality of our life is directly
dependent on the quality of our energy.

My name is Vaishnavi Lewis.  I am a healer
and my specialty is Flower Essences,
vibrational healing tinctures that address
the issues that keep you from the fullest
expression of your life’s energy.

This is the time to step into our fullest
capacities as human beings. To do that,
we need vibrational, energetic and healing
support. This is what Flower essences are for.

Do you know where you're going?
Do you know the purpose of your life?
Do you know how to get there?

This is where Flower Essences are a boon to all humanity. They are for healing you and helping you to step into the fullest capacity of who you are. They are gentle messengers, speaking to your subtle vibrational system, reminding it of its greatness, its wholeness, its oneness with the Source of all. 

They turn you on—to yourself!  Little miracles in a bottle, designed  to help you—body, mind and spirit.

Please enjoy exploring this site to learn more about healing with Flower Essences, my healing consultations and a variety of other natural and powerful healing products that will enhance and
uplift the energy of your life!

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Life is energy!
"... in a very short time,
things started to shift
and change for me.
  I quit my job of nine
years, which I had
been out of alignment
withfor quite some time.  I got off sugar completely,
which was a miracle.
  My health improved dramatically.  And I
began to heal from the authority issues that
had hindered my ability
to function freely in the
world. My work with
Vashnavi helped me
remove a dam that was blocking the flow of energy
in different areas of my
life. I am freer and more in
touch with my Self.
Thank you Vashnavi!"